Why Skinny Jeans Mama?

I started this blog last year when I was mid-way in my journey to losing my 30 lbs. of post baby weight. I was DESPERATE to get back into my skinny jeans!!!

I (almost) won the battle and lost an amazing amount of weight, increased lean muscle, ran a 5k with ease (and not passing out) and adapted a whole new healthy living through working out and eating right.

And the kicker was, I was able to fit into my pre-baby skinny jeans again! I was delighted.

October 2009

But because of everyday challenges in life, my focus in this "new" healthy lifestyle of mine somewhat vanished. It was tough juggling time with my husband, darling daughter, work, church and working out!

So now, I'm sharing these struggles with you. These are my everyday stories of family, faith, food and fitness all rolled into this little blogspot in the BIG world wide web.

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