Monday, September 14, 2009

Food, Food, Yummy Food

So last Thursday we were given a Food Log at Bootycamp. We were told to log 2 or 3 days worth of food that we ate to figure out what are weaknesses are (gasp!). I figured I can start logging over the weekend. What a bad idea! My weekend eating habits are totally different from the weekdays. Most of the times we are out and about so I don't eat as healthy as when I am home or at work or school when I pack lunch.

So this is how it looked like:

Breakfast: Omelet with 2 egg whites with tomatoes & mushrooms; 1 piece of brown toast (no butter!)
*** This one isn't bad at all, I made it from scratch and took the egg yolks out. We had a good harvest of organic tomatoes from our backyard so I put it in my omelet and it was delish!!!
Our harvest of tomatoes, jalapenos and cherry peppers

Morning snack: small bowl of blueberries and 1 tangerine

Lunch: Cheesy chicken and mushrooms (half breast) with 1/2 cup of brown rice
*** I made this with low fat mozarella and sprayed PAM instead of butter which the recipe asks for.

Afternoon snack: 1 dark chocolate finger, 1 Reese's miniatures
*** Oh man, I had the serious case of munchies that afternoon. See, I don't buy chocolate at all but when it's around, I eat it! I can blame my Aunt for this. She brought it home coming from work.

Dinner: 1 huge pulled pork sandwich and a bottle of Corona light
*** This is what I am ashamed of!!! We went to visit our dear friends to hang out and there was a Rib festival in town that night. So we went there for dinner and of course the pulled pork sandwich was probably the healthiest food choice there. It goes down best with a bottle of good beer and at least I stopped myself from having another one. I never normally drink anyways and never have a desire to get drunk. But it took all my will power to resist the Poutine stand (Poutine is a french-canadian specialty. It's fries topped with gravy and cheese curds and it is oh so good) and the funnel cakes.


Breakfast: 1 blueberry pancake with syrup

Morning Snack: None

Lunch: 1 whole grain blueberry muffin from Tim Hortons's
Whole grain blueberry muffin on the Top left of the pic

Snack: 1 cup Apple juice

Dinner: 2 beef tacos (from the box, not authentic in anyway! LOL) topped with tomatoes, lettuce, salsa and cheese

***Ok so sunday isn't bad portion wise, I could have done better by eating fresh homemade food. The thing is we were out and about the whole day that we couldn't even have a proper lunch. So what do we do? Go to a Tim Horton's drive through. LOL. And when we finally got home around 6pm, I was so tired that I can't cook a real meal so we had tacos out of a box.

Oh and I have to tell you about what I had for dinner Friday night. We were at the Benny Hinn Conference downtown Toronto and It was dinner time so my mom and I decided to look for food. The prices at the convention center was RIDICULOUS!!! A hotdog was $4.50 and a muffin was $3.50. So there was no way we are going to spend that amount of money for some disgusting street meat. We ventured outside, just by the Lakeshore and the first thing we saw was a Pizza place called PANAGO.

We ordered a medium pizza called Primo Pollo. It's a pesto based instead of tomato sauce and it is topped with grilled chicken, fire-roasted tomatoes, red peppers, caramelized onions, roasted garlic and mozzarella. Sounds so delish right? And what I loved about the place is they make the pizza right in front of the customers. Not to mention their variety of $1 Organic juices!!! I had the Grapple (Grape and apple) one and it was awesome. We even had left overs to sneak in the convention center and give to my mom's BFF.
Anyway, I wish they had a Panago in our neighborhood. You can check them out at:

I guess what I figured out from this Food logging experience is, I definitely made some bad food choices when I'm not at home. I guess I can work on packing lunch so I always have fresh and healthy food handy.

How about you guys? What kinds of food do you guys indulge in? And most importantly, how do keep yourself away from junk/bad foods? I wanna know!!!! I would love to hear you guys out and maybe I would learn a thing or two... Till the next post!


  1. Mmm, chips are my complete downfall in life! I love salt and vinegar chips...way too much! For a couple of months I was able to keep myself away by paying myself a $1 a day for each day that I did not eat them. Then after a couple of months I treated myself to something nice!
    Ps: Thanks for the shout out to Working up a sweat in Toronto - that is me!

  2. That is such a great idea! I think I might try that with my chocolate and ice cream cravings.

    I love your blog!!! thanks for visiting!!!


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