Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Final Bootycamp results!

I'm so sorry with the delay of my final measurements... work and life has been hectic, crazy but amazing otherwise because of my lovely family that I come home to.

Let's get down to it!!! I had such an amazing time at Bootycamp and seriously, I will miss working out with the girls outdoors every tuesday and thursday nights.

Joining this wonderful program has literally changed the way I think about my health. I'm proud to say that I am WAY stronger and MORE fit than I was pre-pregnancy!!!

I had great results and here they are!!!

Inches Measurements
Measurement Start Week 4 Week 8 Inches Lost
Upper Arm (lf) 10 10 9.5 0.5
Upper Arm (rt) 10.1 10 9.6 0.5
Chest 34.6 33 33.1 1.5
Waist 31.1 30.4 29 2.1
Hips 37.6 36.5 35.1 2.5
Buttocks 41.9 41.5 40.5 1.4
Upper Thigh (lf) 25 21.5 20.5 4.5
Upper Thigh (rt) 24.8 21.9 20.1 4.7
My Total Inches 215.1 204.8 197.4 17.7

Caliper Measurements (mm)
Measurement Start Week 4 Week 8 mm Lost
Tricep 23 20 18 5
Suprailium (Waist) 24 20 16 8
Thigh 32 24 20 12

Body Fat & Weight
Measurement Start Week 4 Week 8 Lost
Weight (lbs.) 160 154 151.2 8.8
Body fat % 29.6 25 0.218 29.382
Fat Weight 47.4 38.6 32.9 14.5
Lean Mass 112.6 115.4 118.3 -5.7

I didn't achieve my 10 lbs weight loss goal and the last 4 weeks wasn't that great of a weight loss due to a holiday and a hectic life, but I still lost inches and I feel great and stronger than I've ever been.
BTW, I dug up my old Bootycamp book and when I first started and I was 170.6 lbs with body fat percentage of 30.2% back then!!

I lost a total of 19.4 lbs and 8.4% of body fat with BOOTYCAMP!!!

Now, reality sinks in as I, Savvy, will attempt to continue my weight loss with diet and exercise all on my own (and a Hubby that motivates me).

The next few months is going to be crazy because of my new demanding FT job and my last semester in school (can't wait to finish!!!) but I will continue to blog as much as I can. This blog has truly helped me in my motivation, especially when I started to realize that actual people other than my family read this...

So to all readers... THANK YOU for visiting because on the days I feel lazy and just want to gorge, I ask myself... "Do I really want to embarrass myself to all those reading my blog and post that I pigged out and layed on the couch/bed again?"

Oh and guess what, you will never believe this...

I'm back into my pre-pregnancy
SKINNY JEANS!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the bad pic quality, took it with a phone cam in bad lighting conditions.
It was easier to upload pic through phone than uploading from the real camera.

Photo on top right from Bootycampfitness.com

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