Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Skinny Jeans Mama

Yes, I had fallen off the map of the world wide web recently. But I'm not giving up and I'm trying to currently pinpoint where I am.

See, the life of a wife and mom with a toddler that works full time and pursues education part time is pretty hectic. So in this situation, I have no energy left to even go on the scale let alone workout. Therefore, I have been really troubled on what to write in this blog. Although, I would still like to stay and fit into my skinny jeans, that focus seem to have lost it's importance.

Being so busy made me treasure my moments with my family, even if it's only a late-night cozy conversation with my hubby over tea, venting over lunch with my mom or an early morning walk to the sitter's with my DD as she waves bye bye to the passing choo choo train. Every moment with them is priceless and very blog-worthy. And so... GETTING BACK INTO MY SKINNY JEANS IS GONNERS....

and please welcome

an everyday tale of a skinny jean wearing wife and mom

I am so excited to share my little (and BIG) moments with you... and because I have been wearing my skinny jeans A LOT ever since being able to fit back into them, I would like to take you wherever it goes.
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