Thursday, September 10, 2009


So I went to my first bootycamp last Tuesday. Courtney (our instructor) normally measures us at the start, the 4 week mark then at the last class of the 8th week to see how we progress. It was a huge class this time around but eventually we all got measured and went right down to workout. I did better than I thought I would. I didn't struggle with the push-ups at all. Although I did half of them on my knees because I didn't know how well I will survive all 60 of them, after not doing as much for a month. But overall, I felt great during the bootcamp class.
The next day though, my shoulders, arms, triceps and booty were a bit sore. I guess the plank, side planks and bridge got to me. But its a good pain, at least I know I worked hard.

Anyway, this blog is about my measurement so ok, here it goes!!! (hyperventilating as I type)

Upper Arm (left) 10
Upper Arm (right) 10.1
Chest 34.6
Waist 31.1
Hips 37.6
Buttocks 41.9
Upper Thigh (left) 25
Upper Thigh (right) 24.8

CALIPER MEASUREMENTS (the horrible pinch test, I think this is in millimeters):
Tricep 23
Suprailium (Waist) 24
Thigh 32

Weight: 160 lbs.
Body Fat %: 29.6%
Fat Weight: 47.4
Lean Mass: 112.6

Oh my, now it's all out there for the whole world to read... Hopefully this post will embarrass me enough to workout hard and eat right! I definitely want these numbers to get better.
Now, all I ask of you who are reading this, please be nice and if you have unkind comments just please keep it to yourself...

I'm going to booty camp tonight and I plan to walk there since it's only about 3.5k from our house. It's a beautiful day and I want to enjoy the warm weather as much as I could. I live in Canada after all, it gets really unpleasantly cold here, for me at least.

ENJOY the rest of your week everyone!!!

*** I haven't decided yet if I will post the 'BEFORE' shot of myself... But I guess you'll just have to wait and see.

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