Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bootycamp in the rain

I am here on my bed, all clean and showered, warm and in my jammies. Well, I was in a complete opposite situation just a few hours ago.

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It is bootycamp night and today, the weather network called for rain. Bootycamp has a hotline that you can call to know if your class is still ON based on the weather. They only cancel a class if there are thunderstorms. I probably called the hotline about 4 times just to check if I should go to class. And of course, the class was still on as scheduled. And I really didn't want to go!!!! It was freezing outside today (probably even colder now). It was 9 degrees Celcius (48 degrees Fahrenheit) around 8pm tonight. I seriously could not imagine working out in the freezing rain, in the dark!

What saved me from the cold and from being wet tonight (my top half) is a ski jacket! I don't have a rain jacket and I dug in my closet to see what kind of jacket or sweater I could use for a rainy bootycamp. I saw a ski jacket (that is actually my sister's that she only wore once) and thought it might work.

My jacket doesn't have the square patterns and it's a light brown, almost beige but similar style
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It's a Orage jacket and it kept me from being cold and wet all night. After my body was warmed up from all the running and push ups and lunges, I zipped open the vents which open from the back of the arms all the way to the back side. I kept myself from overheating by just wearing a t-shirt and sports bra underneath. Now if there is a way to keep my bottom half warm and dry, that would be awesome. I use my Reebok runners that are mesh to ventilate your feet when working out, and man, my feet were soaked the minute we started running around the field. And of course my butt and my legs were completely soaked as well because I was just wearing my Lululemon yoga pants.

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Here's a rundown of what we did last night:

  • Lots of running, about maybe 4 huge laps around the park in total (other than the other runs stated below)
  • Lunges and push-up drill (2 lunges, 2 push-ups until you reach the other end)
  • A running and push-up drill, total of 90 push-ups
  • Squats, plyo lunges, bicep curls, pop sqauts, tricep with bands for a minute each and running a lap in between.
  • Partner table pose with dips (one person goes into table pose while the partner goes into a plank and puts their legs on the person doing the table pose)
  • Plank, Side plank with variations, and lots more ab workouts
Oh and I have to tell you about my Yoga mat!!! I recently bought it from Lululemon a week ago and I wish I got it a long time ago. It's so awesome!!! It is non-slip, I mean it is so non-slip that in the soaking rain, I was able to stay on the mat and it gripped me no problem. I like it when I do yoga to because you can use the lines on the mat as guide for your alignment. Also, it costs just about 5 bucks more than the ones in Walmart so it is a pretty good deal. And the best thing of all, it's pink!!!

So basically that was my first night of cold and rainy bootycamp. I am also signed up for October so I guess this is just the taste of the cold weather to come.

How about you guys? Do you ever work out outdoors in the cold or in the rain? I am curious about those people who run in the winter... How do they do it?


  1. Which Booty Camp location do you go to? I did Kelly's in Yorkville last night, also in the rain, but it was amazing!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I go to Scarborough Bluffs with Courtney. The park is right beside the lake so it was extra chilly! But it was a great class regardless.


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