Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yoga + Bootycamp

Hi friends!

Last weekend I was stoked about doing my at home booty camp workout. Only to find out that I have misplaced my DVD!!! I search everywhere I could think of and still no luck. See, I wander around doing my workouts at home. Sometimes I play the DVD in the living room player with the flat screen, sometimes in the laptop and other times in my daughter's DVD player in her room (And I do have a very bad habit of not putting DVD's in their proper case). So long story short, I didn't get to do it last weekend.

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What I did though was my yoga workout. I found this great website called and it's super wonderful! I have a share of yoga DVDs that I barely use because I find it hard following poses when I'm trying to look up the screen at the same time. So with, you can download a yoga session you listen to and a pose chart that you can print out. Turns out, they have a podcast available on iTunes and i got them there for FREE!!!! Yes folks, for free! Most sessions are 20 min. ones but there some that are longer. I did a Power Yoga session for an hour while my daughter napped and it was oh so wonderful.

Now, just a quick update of my bootycamp class last night:

  • Lots more cardio this time around. We did Kickboxing, suicides and a run around the park. I held up pretty well and had a good pace without slowing down. YAY!
  • Did some awesome glut work with resistance bands! It majorly hurt my bum especially holding the poses but I manage not to let go and did full sets.
  • And it won't be a booty camp without lunges! So of course like every class we did tons of them. The killer one was holding a lunge pose while your back leg is on top of your partner who is doing a plank. It was painful in a good way and totally challenged my balance.
All in all, it was an awesome class!!! Looking forward to Thursday. Our instructor is going to check out our food blogs so it'll be an interesting night.

Ok, enough blogging, I promised myself I'm gonna run a 5k today to train for the upcoming Run for the Cure for breast cancer (more deets on a later post). Just gotta put on my runners and off I go! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day!!!!


  1. Did you ever end up finding your DVD? If not shoot me an email at and we'll see what we can do about getting you another one.

  2. Yeah, I emailed Courtney (my instructor) and she gave me another copy. Thanks for asking! and thanks for visiting my blog.


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