Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sweat once a day

Hi friends!

I have decided about a week ago to take on one of Lululemon's manifesto as a challenge which is:


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I kinda crazy thinking about it. How am i suppose to sneak in a workout everyday, when I have school, a part time job and a baby to take care of? Well, through my husband's constant encouragement, I was able to do it the past week. Check out my Calendar widget that I added below my page or check out this link.

I managed to go for two 5k runs and 1 hour Yoga sessions in between my bootycamps. You might be a bit curious when did I find time to do this all. It is so easy actually, when I thought of one thing I do that consumes and waste most of my time every evening
, it came clear to me. TV!!!!

Yes folks, I don't watch TV anymore. Actually, I kicked that habit out of my life about 4 or 5 months ago. I admit, I was a terrible TV junkie before that. I blame it on being at home bored when I was pregnant with my daughter. I loved watching all CSIs, House, Fringe (I was totally addicted and obsessed with this one), So you think you can dance, Jon and Kate plus 8, ANTM, Law and Order SVU, oh man I can go on FOREVER!!!

But you know what, watching those shows, no matter how wonderful they are, consumed my whole evenings!!! I remember making dinner, having dinner then it's the TV until bedtime. That's like 3 or 4 hours of wasted time.

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I started my TV detox when I had to go to school in the evenings after work, twice a week. I eventually forgot about all those shows I use to never miss an episode of. And during the nights when I am home, I just never bothered of turning the TV on, because of tons of school work or just plain being busy with other things.

Now, my nights consist of going to school twice a week till 9pm. And when there's no school, I go to bootycamp for an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and bible study on friday nights. So unless I am at school, I put my daughter to bed and do her whole bedtime ritual (bath, book, which goes on for a while because she likes to be read at least 3 books, then finally bed time kisses and goodnight). Then after she out for the night, I WORK OUT!!!! Although it can be very dark when I go for an outdoor run, my hubby runs with me and our neighborhood is pretty safe.

So, I pretty much amazed myself when I actually worked out every single day the past week. And I know, if I can do it, you guys and do it too. Just schedule your workouts as if it's an important appointment (because it is!). And most of all, you have to have a open heart and mind to dedicate some time to do your body some good.

I am daring all of you readers... go SWEAT ONCE A DAY!!!!! You guys can do it!


  1. Love your goal. Have to admit T.V. is a huge time waster for me too. I have a problem...I love reality tv. It sucks me in. Thank heavens for the DVR...then at least I'm in control. Good luck with your goals. You can do it.

  2. Just passing by to say Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! : )


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