Monday, October 5, 2009

My first 5k Run for the Cure

Oh wow what a day!!! It started quite early for me than my usual Sunday. But today was no usual Sunday. My crew (Family) and I headed over downtown to the City Hall for the CIBC Run for the Cure. I met with my team 'Booty Camp Fitness' and even met Sammie Kennedy, creator for Booty Camp Fitness! I got a pink camo shirt just like the ones the instructors wear, so that was pretty cool.

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The ceremonial festivities begun with some performances hosted by local morning radio hosts. Then our team and the crowd of people started warming up to some lively dance music all in unison, and we even got to some squats too (which is oh so popular at Bootycamp). After our bodies were all warmed-up, I had to kiss my DD and hubby for good luck before I headed over to the starting line.

There was tons of people there, and at first I couldn't imagine running or even power walking through the traffic. Eventually, after the 1st kilometer, the crowd of runners spaced out and I got into a good pace. I found that there was a lot of people passing me, but I didn't really care because I knew if I kept my pace, I would less likely run out of energy later on. In the course of the run, there were variety of bands, performers and Djs that helped liven up the atmosphere. I found it very enjoyable and convenient since I forgot to bring my iPod with me.

Photo courtesy of Toronto Sun

I surprised myself not needing to slow down or walk until the probably halfway through. And when I did walk for just a few seconds, my body was already telling me to run again. Sooner than I imagined, the finish line was in sight! I got so excited that I was contemplating sprinting to the finish, but decided against it since I was scared of wearing myself out before I even get there.

And at last, I was greeted by the press, volunteers and cheerers when I got to the end. My finishing time was 34 minutes and I couldn't be more happier. I was just so ecstatic to be able to finish a 5k when pre-pregnancy I couldn't even walk a 5k. The crowd of runners at the finish were all so elated being there and a random dude in front of me even high fived me saying "We did it!!!". But the greatest thing was being greeted by my Hubby, DD, Mom, Tita Heide and Ali. They were after all some of my biggest sponsors and it was so nice of them tagging all just so they can witness me accomplishing what I have been training for.

Top Left: Mom, Tita Heidi & Ali, Bottom Left: Me on the FINISH! with an Asian pose, Middle: Me with my Bootycamp Tee, Mid Right: The Jersey Boys, Bottom Right: DD happy getting her pink ballon

We all walked back together at Nathan Philips Square where the ceremonies were held. We all got bagels, granola bars and juices from the food tent and started watching the show. The Jersey Boys cast performed and SURPRISE! THE JONAS BROTHERS were in our presence. It turned out they ran the 5k as well and they helped award some high school girls who raised tons of money. I found myself being giddy and bedazzled with cute celebritiness... LOL. Too bad I couldn't take a picture since my DD was in my arms. Tita Heidi snapped some pics of them but I am way too lazy to upload the pics from her camera (or even wait for her to send them to me).

Photo courtesy of Toronto Sun

We ended our day window shopping at Eaton Center and eating mall food. But hey! I ordered a pretty healthy Teriyaki Yakisoba Noodle stir fry with tons of veggies. I left half of the noodles on my plate because I honestly think they give you too much than the normal healthy serving.

Today was really really fun! Being able to raise money for Breast Cancer, working out and having fun at the same time is priceless. OH and I soooo love my Bootycamp tee!!! Thank you soooo much for those who donated and for TEAM BOOTY CAMP for letting me be a part of your team!!!

I am also soooo thankful that I have a loving husband who keeps motivating me when I really don't feel like going for a run. He is such an awesome coach!!! We already planned to sign up for the next 10k event of our choice together and hopefully run with our DD with a brand spanking new jogging stroller (I still have to save up for this among other things, but I am being hopeful!)


  1. Hi Savvy!
    Yes! I did see you on Sunday. I was wearing the beige military cap. The run was a lot of fun (did the entire 5K non-stop) and I really want to do it again.

    Thank you for your kind words by the way.

    I love that you are blogging about your weight loss and fitness experiences. I will definitely pop by often to see how you are doing.


  2. I didn't know that was you there! Funny b/c we've been commenting back and forth on your blog! I was the girl w/ the dark skin and long black hair.

    Glad you had a good time! :)

    Lisa from Booty Camp HQ

  3. @Anica I do remember you.. thanks for following!

    @Lisa That is so funny! Hope you had a great time at the run too.


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