Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm feeling guilty

I am such a grouch when it comes to the weather. It's getting a lot colder now and here I am complaining how chilly it is outside. I even posted and grumbled about working out on a cold, rainy night. Now thinking back on how my attitude was, I am feeling so guilty... Why do you ask?


While I am being grouchy about being cold, my home country of the Philippines is a disaster area and it's people are dire need. The capital of Manila alone have hundreds of thousands of people homeless and hungry because of the worst flooding they encountered in years. Hundreds of people have died in the process and hundreds more are missing. More deets in this article here.

If you would like to donate, it would help out a lot. Another Super Typhoon is on it's way right now, and I'm just praying for everyone in the Philippines be blessed and have God's protection.

To make an online donation in Canada through Canadian Red Cross, select 'Philippine Typhoons' in the funds designation option.

To make an online donation in US, you can select the International Response Fund option in the American Red Cross site.

Now tonight, I will definitely brave the cold when I go to Bootycamp and not complain about it. Even when I strip down to my t-shirt to get my MEASUREMENTS! (I will surely write about it on the next post)

I am so blessed living in Canada compared to my fellow Filipinos back in the home country. Aside from donations, they are also in my prayers and I urge everyone to pray for them as well. God said in his word that there is definitely power in prayers and if you ask, you shall receive.

I pray that those who have lost so much in the flooding will RECEIVE bountiful blessings from the Lord.

All photos taken from Yahoo News Photos

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