Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's the Flu Season!!!

I know it just started but I got the bug already, thankfully it's just a common cold not H1N1.

It started with my Aunt who lives with us, and as soon she mentioned she was sick, my hubby got sick to. Then my DD caught the bug, the poor thing. Then of course it got to me!

I have been so exhausted this week, especially dealing with a sick baby. My DD normally sleeps through the night but since she got the cold, she wakes up at least twice a night because of her stuffy nose. The first few nights she was sick, I let her sleep in her stroller because she couldn't breath lying down. So long story short, I haven't had a good night's sleep for about 5 days now, neither did my hubby.

But hey life goes on and so did Bootycamp. I was actually felt really horrible and stuffed up last Tuesday but I still went. I thought, "It's just gonna be drizzling, it won't hurt me". But oh man, it rained and poured! The workout was great regardless, we just did less exercises on the mat. I felt OK that night after the workout, but the next day, I had body aches and head aches from congestion.

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My hubby and I were both home the next day, so I got to sleep in and recuperate (Thanks Hun!). But I had school in the afternoon/evening and I still felt really sick. I kept repeating to myself that I'm well enough to go, because really I didn't have any choice. Every class I go to is graded so I can't really miss out unless I want a less than stellar marks. So I went to class, did my thing, got home and went straight to bed with a mug of Neocitran and went to bed.

Thank God the next day I felt a whole lot better! I felt like a whole different person. Although, I still woke up at least 4 times that night because my DD couldn't get a good night's sleep. I was tired but I wasn't sick, and I could give all my energy to my baby.

I went again to bootycamp that night and felt great. It wasn't raining and the grass wasn't wet so it was a perfect fall weather for working out outside. Courtney (instructor) made us do a lot of ab work just because of the Thanksgiving coming up. I probably needed it anyway, knowing me with mash potatoes, gravy and stuffing. It's funny how it's not the turkey that I get excited for, it's all the sides that comes with it!

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Anyway, I hope now that the weather is getting colder, we all can take precautions and prevent getting the flu or it's evil cousin, H1N1. We are already handwashing freaks so it's just the flu shots we need to get. Hopefully all of us in the household will be healthy as cow this season and I hope the same for all of you reading this!

And to all my fellow Canadians... Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We are all blessed and we should give thanks not only this holiday but everyday.

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  1. Long comment! Ready yourself! :)

    I love your BG music! Casting Crowns = love. I'm sorry for everyone in your family being sick! That's never fun. Thankfully I have a wicked awesome immune system, and I never get flu shots or take medicine, lol. That'll bite me in the butt later on down the road I'm sure. Have you tried hot lemon honey tea with a little rum? My grama always made that for me (what a lovely grama giving me alkie!). PS: you shouldn't really worry about H1N1, the other flu varieties (there are about 200+ other strains) kill far more people a year. Also, remember flu vaccine doesn't prevent flu ... I'd explain the whole process (which I can if you ever want me to, haha), but anyways, it only vaccinates you for 2 of those 200+ strains and they have to PREDICT which 2 strains will be most virulent. Bleh. That is why I never get them. Moving on.

    Your workout dedication is awesome, haha. I try to be like that ... but then I'm not! I just run a lot and it seems to work! Now, the whole reason I liked this blog ... ... ... you love Thanksgiving!!! :) Of course, we celebrate at different times, but woo hoo for awesome food! I always look forward to my grama's broccoli, cheese and rice casserole. Oh and brown gravy. And potatoes. Pretty much all the food we have hahaha. And the fact that you're Canadian makes me think of this one episode of How I Met Your Mother where a Canadian and an American fight about which Thanksgiving is the REAL one, hahahahaha. Good times. Anyways, whew! Long comment! :P Um, oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Happy Thanksgiving for me in like 1.5 months!!! :D


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