Thursday, October 22, 2009

New stuff and challenges

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Sorry for the unannounced disappearance! I will shortly explain my absence but for now I want to let you know how I'm doing health and weight wise. At last I know how my body works with weight loss. It's pretty simple actually, WHEN I EAT BIGGER PORTIONS, I GAIN; WHEN I CONTROL AND EAT OFTEN, I LOSE!

I've been good with my eating the past few months, thus, the great results I got. But 2 weeks ago, I've been eating bad. You would know if you read my last post. I was pretty horrified when I weighed myself about 3 days after the Canadian thanksgiving holiday. I gained 4 lbs. of the 6 lbs. I lost! I was heart broken. But instead of a pity party and reaching for more sweets, I flicked my brain to healthy eating mode. I WAS DETERMINED. One way to help me eat well is a food log. With a food log, it becomes clear what I can do better on and I improve my eating habits almost instantly.

I would love to post my food log right now, but I am currently blogging through my phone. I'm even surprized I typed so much already I never text, so even with a full keyboard on my phone, I'm still pretty slow. Which leads me to why I'm not on my trusty laptop and have been MIA

3 things:

I got a full time job doing admin and reception at a brand spanking new medical laboratory. I started monday and its doing great.

I was on a hunt for daycare for my DD. I was working part time before, so my hubby and I were taking turns watching my little girl. I found a great home daycare just down the street from where I live. The lady is so sweet and I found out about her through my mom's work. She is with WEE WATCH, a home daycare agency that has been around for a while

It's midterms at school! I had exams 2 weeks in the row and I'm so happy its done! I go to part time evening courses at a downtown college so it doesn't interfere with my work hours. It just eats up a lot of my time :(

So now I am missing my DD and always wonder what she's doing at daycare. It a bit heartbreaking that 2 days a week I don't get to be with her at all since I come home late from school.
Work is slow right because our facility is not officially opened yet, and not being busy makes me go crazy thinking about my DD.

Here's a glimpse of me at my new office:

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  1. 1. Gimme yo job! :D
    2. Sorry you miss your hunny so much! I guess when school is over, it'll be worth it and you'll have more time with her, no?
    3. Sucks about mid-terms!!! That's pretty much the suckiest time of the semester for me. They always come the week before Thanksgiving. Never made sense because 2 weeks after Thanksgiving we have finals. Stupid public universities!

    PT: You look like a much prettier version of one of Run's daughters. You probably have prettier teeth too! Hahahaha!


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