Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Everything

Wow, it's almost Easter! My past few months was a blur. Here is a quick update:

  • I got another new job (A way better one, I might add). The commute is longer, therefore we are...
  • Selling our house and looking for something in the Toronto west end neighborhood. I just hope this does not stress me out too much.
  • My darling daughter is growing everyday, she is like a child almost.. but I still do see the baby in her sometimes. She talking like a big girl! although she can't pronounce well yet, her vocab is pretty impressive for a 20 month old.
  • Sadly, my fitness stormed out of my life, went for a pack of smokes and never came back. It is a big struggle for me to fit workouts in my busy life, so I hope blogging about it will encourage me again (like it did before!)
I hope to produce an entry a day... long or short... So... let me go to lunch (because I'm starving, I'm having tuna and crackers with blueberries and an orange for dessert. This is a healthy lunch today because I've been feeling guilty about my Burger King visits last week)
and I will see you guys later for another exciting (or not) post!

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