Thursday, May 13, 2010

In transition

Today was a good great day! Yes, it was raining and cold outside (where did spring go?), yes I had a lot of work to do and yes I'm still bothered and worried that our house is still on the market after more than a month. But it all seems unimportant now because I had a phone call that made my day. Now it's still all hush hush because... well just because it is. But I will break the news when the time is right. (No, I'm not pregnant).

That phone call was so powerful and meaningful to me because it proved to me that God does know our heart's desires. Even though I was on my lowest point and had a broken spirit for so many times, I repeatedly got myself up and continued trusting in Him (which is extremely hard, I might add). But slowly He is revealing his plan for me and my family. It's not because He just wants to take His sweet little time but because His plans are much more bigger than you and I can imagine. It is pretty amazing to me that now it all makes sense because as soon I stopped asking and worrying, I was blessed.

On another note, I kind of celebrated my happy phone call today by getting a brand spanking new....


It wasn't an impluse buy or anything, my trusty old Toshiba was on it's last legs and broke down a few months ago. I have been "borrowing" my hubby's laptop ever since, and I guess he was getting annoyed with me hogging it. So we both decided that it would be best to get myself not just a working laptop but a darn good one too (hopefully it will last me longer than the old Toshiba).

Well unfortunately, I still haven't played with my Macbook as it is currently occupied transferring files from my Parent's iMac. And tomorrow, I will be doing the same transferring from hubby's laptop to mine. So, long boring story short, there might be a lack of post in the few coming days.

To make sure you won't forget about my blog, here is what is in store for the upcoming post that you can look forward to:

  • Updates on "the challenge" with extra highlights on the 'no sugar' thing.

  • Pictures of what I have been eating on the new 'no sugar, no dairy, 1 salad a day' diet.

  • Post on how I avoid or give in to non-healthy eats during social events.

  • Pictures and stories on my little DD's shanenigans.
Oh, and I forgot to mention on the "the challenge" post that I can't consume any alcohol and do belly breathing for the whole 8 weeks. I only drink a glass of wine or two when I'm at a party and honestly, I haven't been to one since... March, I think. So I totally forgot posting that because I really don't have a problem not drinking for the challenge.

Now, I hope to get my files compiled on my Macbook soon so y'all won't miss me too much (or forget about me).

The weekend is coming up and I hope you have a great and sunny one wherever you are!!!


  1. I can't to hear about your great news!! I saw your name on FB earlier and I was intrigued and now even more already!! lol.

    I also can't wait for your post on what your eating during the challenge. I am finding it a little tough for some reason, and I have not lost any weight. Partly because I have been so crazy busy with work that I honestly have no energy to workout after I get home, but I finally worked out last night and I feel so much better today!!

    YAY for the weekend!!

  2. @Loralai's Mommy:

    The no sugar thing is insane, I can't even have ketchup! I love ketchup esp. on my morning eggs. And honestly I haven't weighed myself from the start, because the last time I kept weighing myself, I kept getting discouraged. I just did the waist, arms, hips, butt and thigh measurements. Working out is hard to squeeze in my evenings as well. But I think as long as we keep trying our best, we will eventually see a difference.

    p.s. I didn't want to reply back on your blog because it would be totally unrelated to your post. So I hope you see my reply here.

  3. Oh no problem! I can not lie I have given in a couple of times on small things. I have to keep reading Sammie's blog everyday to keep motivated. I guess I just get stuck in a rut of eating the same things over and over.

    Do you have any menu ideas?


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