Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cottage Love part 1

So I just got back from the cottage yesterday and celebrated our lovely Queen Victoria's day there. And I am telling you, I am SO REFRESHED!!!!

Not only I got a killer tan, but I felt like I'm glowing from the inside out because of having no stress or worries for three days. 

I think it's the nature: the beauty of God's creation and the calmness that it brings to your soul that got to me.

Check out this view of the sunrise over the still river! Isn't is amazing?
Oh yeah I was waking up at sunrise feeling like I had a deep sleep for 20 hours. That's pretty crazy for me because I was never a morning person until I got there.

Let's rewind to the beginning:

This lovely cottage is my hubby's Dad and his wifey's (stepmom). It's not as grand as the fancy mansions in Muskoka but it is a blissful retreat for everyone in the family.

When we got there, we took our time and got settled in. It's vaycay after all, no rush. My in-laws showed us around the cottage since we haven't seen it since last year and they made some improvements. Then, it was time to put the dock in. My DD an I watched in a distance as the boys (Hubby, Dad, Hubby's brother and friend) out the floating dock back in that was stored away during winter. 

Once that was done, it was all fun and games. The teenage boys decided it was a good idea to take their bikes and scooter and drive it over the dock. Us girls didn't approve at all but what the heck, boys don't listen, even the grown-up ones. I just thank God that nobody went to the ER that day! Hubby took videos of their unapproved stupidity but it takes too long to upload. Sorry. 

My DD enjoyed kicking the soccer ball around and doing some of this:

It was so nice to be playing and running around outdoors though. I didn't even had the sense of time. My watch and my cell was shoved in the bottom of my purse. The only technology we had running the whole time was this:

The good old radio set on an AM station. AM? Didja know that still exists?

 After horsing around, we all as a family did the most amazing thing EVER... Napped altogether outdoors. We were relaxing by the dock on the Muskoka chairs and my DD went for her afternoon nap. Soon after my hubby and I went fast asleep as well.

I took this pic as soon as I woke up. Aren't they darling?

My hubby's arm got the tingles holding our DD for about an an hour so I took over. (Oh yeah and that missing board on the dock was because of some rich prick in a big yacht wizzing down the river. He made waves like from a hurricane and broke 3 boards on our dock.)

For dinner, we had a barbecue fest! And as I feared, I gave in to temptation and my diet went out the window. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the food because it was all so busy and chaotic around the dinner table, I barely got time to shove food in my mouth. (Which I managed to do a lot of :/ yikes)

But at the 1st day's dinner I had:
Turkey burger in white bun (the only kind we had)
Topped with tomatoes, onions, grainy mustard, horseradish and ketchup
A little scoop of a creamy macaroni salad
A sausage in white bun with BBQ sauce. 

OMG. I know. I ATE. A LOT. That was the biggest meal I had for more than a year! As soon I saw all the delicious food, my tummy ruled over the brained. Until my tummy got really upset even before the last bite of that sausage. Man did I a tummy ache that evening. 

As I was nursing my upset stomach, we all enjoyed the evening together chatting it over a nice little bonfire.

Until, all the mosquitos started eating us all alive so we had to go inside. Then, the kids (Hubby's brother, step sister and friend) started watching Will Farrell's "A night at the Roxbury". I haven't seen that movie in ages and it forgot how stupid and hilarious it was. My DD got pretty tired chasing around the cats (Dad-in-law brought his 2 cats to the cottage) so we had to call it a night before the movie finished. 

It was a wonderful first day and I can't wait to share the rest of the trip.

So stay tuned for DAY 2! 
I think there was some water involved with that thing that floats on it that you can ride on... and of course more food and eating... LOL

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