Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cottage Love part 3

This was our last day in the cottage and I was trying not to think about leaving. Our day 1 and day 2 was so great that I wish we had more time to spend there.

I woke up at 6 am and that morning was so dewy and beautiful. This pic does not do justice to how gorgeous that sunrise was.

The hubby needed to get new rear brakes in the car with his dad's help and so that meant a lot of lounging and playing with DD for me.

So we both got into our swimsuits and attempted going into the water. My DD had a blast last year playing in the super shallow area and I thought she wouldn't have any problem going into the same spot again. But for the second time of trying, I couldn't get her the rest of her wet. All she wanted to do was dip her feet in the water and splash me occasionally. 

So between running after the ball, getting munchies, hydrating and making creations with sidewalk chalk, we lounged around on the Muskoka chairs. 

It was too hot to do anything else! The sun was right above us with no clouds to shield us from the UVs.

Eventually, my hubby was done with our car and we finally got to chill altogether. After a few hours spending time with family, we had to pack it up and head home :(

We totally had a blast during our stay and will cherish all the new memories we created.

Goodbye cottage! I hope to relax with you again soon, possibly the Canada day weekend :)

 We got fuelled up at the closest Tim Hortons and was ready to hit the open road.

So, I had been back to reality for a few days now and I have some good news!

I have been back on track on the healthy eating and will post about how I'm doing with the challenge. Also, I have great news that I have been DYING to share for the longest time and will post about it hopefully in the next few days. (Just because I'm so swamped with everyday things in life. And I injured my typing fingers today :'(  It got slammed by the car door, ouchie!)

Hope you enjoy the beginning of your week! I'm sure I will ;)

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