Sunday, May 2, 2010

DDs First Haircut!

Yes, my hubby and I are both fed up with my DD's hair getting to her eyes and repeatedly tying and re-tying it into a ponytail. So it was decided to have her the first haircut on Saturday!

This is the Children's hair place we went to:

We got there and as soon as my DD saw their chairs, she wanted to ride them!

But as the stylist puts on the smock, she yelled, "No bib! No bib!"
So to spare her from being upset, I sat on a chair, put on a smock, and she did the same. Only she wanted to stay on my lap. Of course, my poor baby didn't understand what was going on so we all thought it will be better for her to have the haircut on my lap.

Here goes the first cut!

She was well-behaved, didn't make a peep or unnecessary movements even though I could tell that she so badly wanted to watch 'Calliou' who is on TV in front of us.

Cool Bangs!!!

When the cutting was done, she got a gentle blow dry. The stylist pulled out hair clips and my DD picked out the sparkly green one herself. Her haircut was finished off with the green hairclip and a spray of hair sparkles! And for being so well-behaved, she was given a lollipop treat (I'm sure every kid gets one :p).

Unveiling....... DD's new stylin cut!

She got a free pony ride, but the pony was a little to fast for her and she freaked out :(

But that's ok, shopping always makes her feel better

I can't believe I have a big baby girl now... she is officially a little lady

My hubby is a little bit emotional because he thinks it was cut too short and he misses her curly ends. But I told him that I'm sure when it grows out, her curly ends will make an appearance again.

Melonhead people gave DD a little souvenir

We headed home and just before bedtime, I recorded my DD's after thoughts about her first haircut experience in video:


  1. Oh Savannah how adorable is she?! Sofia's new do really suits her!

    We got Loralai's first hair cut done at Melonhead as well and we were thinking that her hair is gone a tad wild again so another visit maybe in order soon!

    Can not believe that our little ladies are almost 2 soon!!

  2. ang cute ng baby mo! am jealous of the hair sparkles... and lollipop he he he


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