Saturday, June 12, 2010

This week in review...

... and maybe last week as well. 

Last week was a good but busy time of my life. I started a new job that was a closer commute so I get home earlier now! My hubby and I are ran a 5k a few times last week. It was a struggle to keep on running especially on the hills but it's something I need to work on before my next 5k run for charity! (Will post more deets later on).

But this week I felt like crap. I got a really bad cold with all the works: coughing, stuffed up nose, fever midday at work and body aches. There was no way I would have even attempted to workout this week. But the good news is, I was still eating healthy.

Although yesterday, I broke my 'no dairy rule' and gave in to a comforting bowl of cream of mushroom soup. I was really feeling sick at work and at lunch time I needed some comfort food to cheer me up.

I had it with a homemade tuna salad sandwich on a whole grain ciabatta bread. I could only eat half of the sandwich because the soup was really filling.

I really love having lunch at my new work now. I get to enjoy the warm weather (most days) lunching at  a place called College park right across the street from my office building. Here's some of the lunches I had the past two weeks:

Falafel on whole wheat pita with loads of veggies

Turkey breast sandwich with red pepper hummus and spinach. It's on white bread because we ran out of brown bread :( Oh and I made a boo-boo drinking vitamin water. I didn't realize there's sugar in it!

Again, it's on white bread. I still didn't get to grocery shop at this point. Same turkey breast with hummus, spinach and tomato slices this time to change it up a bit.

Here's some of my dinners:

Baby spinach with tomatoes and cucumbers dressed with EVOO and balsamic. 

1 properly portioned steak (size of a deck of cards) with balsamic glaze and spinach and broccoli salad with Olive oil pesto dressing.

Sorry there isn't much pics of my dinners. It's a hectic time of cooking, feeding myself and DD, then clean up and bedtime rituals for my DD. There is literally no time to paparazzi my food!

Here's some of my breakfasts:

This dish is purely Filipino. Taro root, plantain, cassava root, tapioca pearls cooked in coconut milk sweetened with honey. I'm sure there are other ingredients in it but I'm not familiar with it. It sure taste good tho!

Overnight Oats topped with natural peanut butter and bananas. I also mixed in some cinnamon because it makes it yummy that way. Recipe adapted from Oh She Glows sans the Chia seeds. 

I hope by next week I will be back with my old self. Today I'm just focusing in recovering from this sickness and having lots of Vitamin C by having strawberries, red pepper sticks, freshly squeezed orange juice and lots of H2O.

I do admit I miss working out. It's a great stress reliever after a mentally stressful day at work. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend rain or shine!!!

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