Saturday, June 26, 2010

Burger lovin'

Yesterday, we made an unplanned visit to the family doctor. My poor DD got a really high fever the other night and I wanted to check if it was something to be concerned about. 

Since our doctor's office is pretty much like family, the secretary told us just to come in whenever we can that day. I had to wait for my hubby to give me a ride because the subway was in the fritz because of this G20 chaos going on downtown. Long story short, we ended up getting there when the office closes for lunch. So, we figured to go grab some lunch as well.

We went to Licks!
They serve the juiciest burgers in town and I'm talking about real big patties, no Mickey D's little flat patties here. I could've opted to order the 'Gobbler', which is white turkey meat burger, but I felt like indulging in the real thing.

This was my lunch: Homeburger (no cheese and bacon) topped with everything including hot peppers with no pickles and relish and a side of onion rings with a cup of iced tea.

Man, I was in burger heaven! The staff was friendly and hilarious to boot. All of them were singing all the orders in some kind of Licks burger language I could barely comprehend. It was kind of loud in there but in a good way, perfect place to have lunch on a hot summer day. 

The place looked empty in the pic but we got there just before the lunch rush. They had an assortment of ice creams ass well. Next visit, I would want to try a scoop or two. Ok, well maybe just one ;)

After that huge finger lickin' lunch, we were able to see the doctor. My DD has sore throat but the doc is not sure if it's viral or bacterial. She would need antibiotics if it was bacterial. So we got a prescription for one in case her fever persist. Thank God it didn't and today she is acting like she was never sick at all! She still cant eat much because swallowing hurts her throat but I feel so much better that she's already bouncing back up to her old self so quickly.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a glorious sunday!!!

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