Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Counting my blessings

*This post was meant to be posted yesterday, Tuesday June 22, 2010. Due to internet issues, I only manage to successfully post it today.*

This week has been such a hectic and crazy busy week. I'm pretty much worn out already and it's only tuesday. With so much negativity, unfortunate unforeseen circumstances and problems hitting my way, the only thing I should do right now is count my blessings.

So here goes... Today I...

1)   Had a wonderful morning with hugs, kisses and cuddles from my hubby and DD. Hearing my DD say "Mo'nin Mommy!" with a big smile on her face makes me melt every time.

2)   Had a great BIG cup of coffee with soy milk and honey.

3)   am glad I have great people I work with.

4)   had a great packed lunch saving me another $10 bucks (amount I spent almost everyday last week for lunch).

5)   actually had lunch to eat or $10 bucks to spend for it! I'm very rich compared to millions of people that are going hungry around the world.

6)   am grateful that I live in a modern city where commuting is pretty reliable and manageable.

7)   had leftovers for dinner! Yay! night off from cooking...

8)   am amazed that my DD cleaned up her spilt water by wiping it with a clean kitchen towel as soon as her cup fell and without me asking. (Although I still have to finish wiping the floor, I'm still amazed).

9)   HAD A 15 min run!!! It might not sound like a lot, but that was all the energy I could muster. Still feels great and stress relieving.

10)   happy to have a comfy bed to snuggle into with my hubby :)

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