Monday, April 26, 2010

Yummy eats

So yesterday was Sunday and I wanted to indulge in some good food. I have been eating pretty healthy and I thought I deserved a cheat day!

When I think of great food for breakfast, my mind flashes back when my hubby and I were in our honeymoon in Cancun. Every single morning during out stay, we ordered from room service and got some Huevos Rancheros.

Cancun September 2007

I have been craving some of this good Mexican breakfast for a while and I made my easy peasy version of the dish.

I made some sunny-side up eggs and heated up corn tortillas over the stove. I place the tortillas on the plate, then the eggs. I topped it off with some ready made Mexican brand salsa with refried beans and chopped avocado on the side. And it turned out great!

For more Huevos Rancheros goodness check out this link

It was a great treat and it totally hit the spot. My hubby loved it as well and we started talking about going back to Mexico again someday to get our authentic Mexican food fix. My DD just had the beans and tortillas and she gobbled it all up!

After a wonderful breakfast, the whole family headed off to church. Normally afterwards, we would have our packed lunch in the church dining room/kitchen because both we have meetings, practices and classes to attend in the afternoon. But we got a bit of a break so we headed to IKEA for some lunch grub and to check out toddler beds for my DD as well.

It sounds totally weird but I really love eating at the IKEA cafeteria. The food is always fresh and delish and it's very baby/kid friendly.

My hubby had some meatballs and potatoes

My mom and sis shared a plate of roasted chicken, ribs and fries.

My DD got some mac and cheese, garlic bread and milk.

And I had some stuffed salmon with veggies and potatoes. It normally comes with vegetable medallions (which are very yummy) instead of the mashed potatoes but they ran out :(

We all had some dessert too, Daim cake with refillable coffee! I was in food heaven. I really have no idea what a daim cake is but it has some chocolate, some kind of creamy stuff and some crunchy stuff (Sorry that my description sounds so lame, maybe you might know and educate me a little bit?)

We didn't end up buying a bed that day because we didn't have enough trunk space. But we have chosen what we want to get and will go back to make the purchase.

So it was time to head home and we all crashed and took a nap. (That definitely made the day, I never napped until yesterday).

I was starving after my nap so my DD and I snacked on some of this good stuff:

For dinner, we just had some vegetable soup and crackers. It was still really filling though. It was garlic and onions sauteed with asparagus, carrots, celery and potatoes (added as a thickener). Then chicken stock was added and creamed it in a food processor. Spinach was cut into strips and added at the very end.

It looks very green but I swear it was yummy!

So Sunday was a great food day for me. I did give in to my cravings but still made some good food choices. Now, today is a new start and I plan to eat well and get tons of h2o.

How did you spend your Sunday?


  1. wow! All that food looks absolutely divine! I really need to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to food!


  2. Ikea's meatballs is so good and I love their gravy too.

    That was a busy sunday and It's nice to know that you had fun.

    Thanks for following my blog, btw.

    Where do u live now? I moved in Barrie last October, I lived in Innisfil though so It's like I've been in Barrie eversince I came here in Canada almost three years ago.


  3. I have an aunt there in Scarborough and would you believe that I met her through Facebook?

    I visit her two weeks ago.

    My uncle also has lots of friend in Scarborough, I don't know if you have heard Felix and Tessie Cacho, they used to live in Toronto and decided to settle in Alliston six years ago.

    So you still own the house here? is it hard to sell it?


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