Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whatta friday...

and I'm afraid that the weekend will be the same as well. Let's review shall we...

Friday morning started well... woke up, got ready, woke up my DD, got her ready then went downstairs for breakfast.

This is what I had:

Kashi Go Lean Crunch mixed with Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp with Skim Milk. (Yummy and waistline friendly)
My DD munched on some toast with cream cheese with a bottle of milk.

Then my hubby and I dropped my DD off to home daycare and we both commuted to work together. Which is a nice AM bonding time despite of the terrible city traffic.

Photo from here

My day at work went without any glitches. Everything ran smoothly and although I had to deal with some "difficult" people, God gave me the patience and kindness to shower them with flowers instead of stones. Which actually works wonders, kudos to HIM!

I had to buy lunch because of lack of leftovers from dinner the night before and got lazy fixing a homemade lunch.
So I went to Metro for some sushi. Then the salad section caught my eye and I bought something called "Seven grain salad". It was basically mixed grains with lentils and other type of beans in a olive oil based dressing. It was delish and spicy but it was too oily! I'm sure I can make my own less-oily version at home.

I took the pic after I was done eating and had the leftovers for a second 4 o'clock lunch! Which was great because it prepared me for the unexpected evening that was coming.

So after work, I headed over to my hubby's office to catch a ride home. We were planning to go to our regular Friday night Bible study and then P90x afterwards, but that didn't end up happening.

We basically had to make a trip to the Emergency room becuase of my hubby's worsening condition. It was not life threatening but it needed IMMEDIATE medical attention.

We went to a walk-in clinic the night before and he was given medication for it. He was told that if it gets any worse, ER was the way to go.

Photo from here

When we got to the hospital, we waited a few hours but was seen by the doctor as soon as we got a bed. He was diagnosed, tested, then medicated properly. Although I can't reveal the details because I respect my husband's privacy, but it made me a nervous wreck up until now.

We were told to come back to the hospital tonight so he can get assessed and medicated again. And I just hate waiting for him to get better. I can clearly see that the medication they gave didn't work and I just pray that when we see the doctor tonight, she will have alternative meds or something so he can get better STAT!

I absolutely hate this waiting game....

I need prayers...

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