Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

Right now, I am blogging from my living room while my DD naps... I love that I got today off!!! Well, I think I was pretty much entitled to it since I worked hard last Saturday.

Anyways, I want to share how my weekend went down:


I have been helping out with our Church's youth comittee and that day was the final rehearsal for Saturday's Big event called "DISCOvering Jesus". It's a dance where our Church's youth gets to invite their friends from school or neighborhood. The purpose is to bring light to who Jesus really is and to break that stereotype that Christians are boring, strict and just sing and dance to "Jesus Hallelujah songs".

So before we headed to church for rehearsal I took some pics of my DD wearing her sunglasses:

The weather was so beautiful it really felt like it was summer time! Normally in April there would still be snow on the ground. But last friday it was warm enough for me to wear crop pants and a tank!

The rehearsal went well and we were all so psyched and pumped for the event.


I got up at 6:00 in the morning because I had to work that day! I work at a medical office and we were overbooked with appointments that day.

After a stressful and busy morning at work, I got out at 2 pm and went to Subway with my hubby and DD for lunch. Then we went straight home to get ready for the night's event.

We managed to get to the hall eventually after some trouble picking up brochures printed at Staple business depot. They had a "Malfunction" and didn't have our brochures printed! We had to wait but it was really no biggie because everything turned out fine.

The event was so much fun! We had tons of thing lined up in the program and I think the guests really enjoyed themselves. There was a great inspirational message from our guest speaker JJ Honasan, a young pastor from another church. That dude was awesome, I have never seen so much energy come out from one person! He definitely has a true passion and love for Christ and you can totally see that just by having a simple conversation with him.

My hubby also told his testimony and I think he did great. I know he had been nervous and unsure to what to say because he does not want his past to outshine what God has made him today. But at the end I think he gave the right impression in his message.

I as well spoke on stage, but not to give a message. All night I scouted for my nominees for the best dressed male and female. I based it not only their attire but also their presence, confidence and composure. I called out my 4 girl nominees and my 4 boy nominees and let them all battle it out with a catwalk. The audience picked the winners and but I think everyone was dressed their best that night!

Then of course it wouldn't be called DISCO if there was no dancing involved! Everyone hit the dance floor and there were a few krumping and breakdance battles going on... it was pretty sick. Man, these kids today are way too talented. Here are some pics:


This day was pretty chill and we got up really early to go to church, despite of the late our late night. It was EASTER after all! The service in church was great and touching. It was a really big celebration with food and refreshments after the service. It was nice to go around and mingle with the people there.

For dinner, we headed over to my Father-in-law and his fiancé's place for a big Easter dinner. They have a huge trampoline in the backyard that everyone loves and my DD had a great time burning of some energy there! Good thing the weather was still very summer like and it was really nice being outside in the backyard.

The dinner was totally delish like always. And of course we had an awesome selection of desserts as well. I gave in to the berry trifle and a really small square of cheesecake and it was sooooo goood! Sorry I don't have pics of the food but it was pretty hectic feeding myself and my DD at the same time.

My DD got really super hyper after dessert plus getting a Chocolate Frog from her Grandpa. She was running around the whole place! I was just glad that she didn't break anything and didn't annoy their other guests. But eventually she crashed on the couch by 10 o'clock (which is 2 1/2 hours past her bedtime!). We all headed out as well soon afterwards but it was really nice to see everyone there and spend time with that side of the family.

Whew that was a really long post! I started this Monday afternoon while my DD was napping and well, I had to stop because she woke up. Now it's Tuesday night and I'm about to start P90x with the hubby ( I will surely update you with that)

Well, that was my wonderful long Easter weekend and I really enjoyed it a lot... 

How did you spend yours?

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