Saturday, April 10, 2010

In the big bookstore

Yay it's the weekend!!!!

My hubby was taking care of DD in the morning while I was at work today. I had to meet them afterwards because he had a client to meet around 1 pm. He works in a bank branch located in a mall so I figured that I can just stroll around with my DD while he meets with his client for about an hour or so.

When I got there, I contemplated about strolling around because I was famished and exhausted with working so hard in the morning. So I grabbed some lunch from a Sushi place, which I figured will be the best healthy choice in a mall. 

I just picked what ever looked good, I think this was a California type of roll with salmon and avocado wrapped around it. And I love seaweed salad so I got as well. DD and I sat on a bench and I started eating my sushi and salad while she munchies away on animal crackers with a side of Milk (My hubby gave her lunch at home).

After lunch, I really did NOT want to stroll around the mall because of 2 reasons:

  1. I have trouble with impulsive shopping, I already did that once this week and I don't want to waste any more money on clothes or accessories I don't need.
  2. I was already exhausted working early at 8 am super busy and non stop until 12:30.
Then, I remembered that there is a Chapters Bookstore in the mall with a huge kids section and I thought that DD and I can hang out there!

There was actually a local singer doing a performance as soon as we walked in. Her name is Meaghan Smith and her songs has a cool yet sweet folksy pop sound to it.

Source HERE

I really like her music but I only stayed long enough to listen to a couple of songs. My DD was very antsy and she wanted to get out of her stroller and explore the big bookstore. 

We got to the kids section and she went running straight to were the toys were. I sat on a bench close by while I let her burn off some energy. After a while I asked her if she wants to read some books so we went over to the 3 to 5 years old section. My DD was so ecstatic to see sooo many books and she kept pulling books off the shelves.

I let her choose and pick while I looked at some Dr. Seuss books to add to her collection. She was just in her own world and didn't even acknowledge that I was there. 

I kept showing her books that I picked out but I just got ignored! Eventually, she showed me some books she liked.

We both read them sitting on the floor in the aisle and she thought the Elmo book was hilarious!  It was like a puppet book and you can make Elmo clap. Then, she wanted to move on to the 'In the night garden' book and she kept screaming, "TAH BIBOOHS!! TAH BIBOOHS!" pointing at the Tombliboos (Those 3 cute characters in the show).

After reading different other books for a while, we went into the Baby section. I thought I'd get a gift for friend who is having a baby while I'm there. And without even realizing it... an hour and a few minutes had past! That place was really a great in passing time and my DD had a blast too. She was getting pooped and started sitting on the floor playing quietly with a watering can that she found.

Good thing that my hubby came just in time when she was getting sleepy and I went to the cash to check out. We headed home and my little one passed out immediately the car got out of the parking lot.

It was a busy morning and a great entertaining afternoon but now I'm really glad to be home. 

Happy Weekend!!!!

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