Sunday, September 5, 2010

Speedy Dinner

Oh blogging world, how I missed you!

I have been insanely busy and stressed out lately, as you can probably tell from my M.I.A.ness. And as I'm typing this post, I realized how much calming and stress relieving blogging is! I should know that the more crazy and hectic life gets, the more I should blog.

Anyway, the past month I always take pics and have ideas to post here but it never got posted. Like this one time a few weeks back when I made this super easy dinner!

I have created pizza using this as a dough...

I love president's choice products, don't you?

Well, I unopened the package and laid it out on a baking sheet and topped it with all kinds of goodies...


If you are wondering what's on here, it's really nothing special. Just ingredients normally found in my fridge and pantry. 

Roasted red peppers, Spinach (sauteed with garlic), Sundried tomatoes (sliced), chopped leftover baked pork chops and the one ingredient that made it all cheesy without actual cheese...

Veggie Slices! The jalapeno flavour gave it a great kick too. I preheated the oven to 400 degrees....

Stuck it in there and watched the whole thing go all melty and golden brown. So really, I didn't time it but it was about 15 minutes or less.

And there you go! I had pizza less than the time it would take to order one...

I had it with a bowl of spring greens and mom's organic backyard tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. Delicious and easy!

Going to a totally different topic, I have a little tidbit for you...

Did you know that on 09/09/09 (September 09, 2009), some woman who was bored and tired of being unhealthy started this blog that helped her lose major poundage?

And yes, that woman is me! Yay! My 1st blog anniversary is coming up!

I'm working on some exciting and possibly a very revealing blog post on September 09, 2010. 

And you what it includes? My first giveway!!!! I have already shopped for my first one to give away to you guys, my awesomest readers. 
And I know that my #1 most loyal fan will be probably jumping up and down for this giveaway but I'm sorry MOM, you are disqualified because you are a blood relative. LOL.

So, I will surely give you all the details on Sept. 09 and even though I will be away in the middle of vacation that day, I plan to post an anniversary post where ever I maybe! (Thank God for my Macbook and hotel WiFi, which I hope is free, and if not, I'd have to hit the nearest Starbucks).

So goodnight for now, and I'm so excited for the next blogging year ahead. I have so much to share that has been going on the past month, but first things first... I need to pack for my VAYCAY!!!

Enjoy Labour Day ya'll....


  1. Can't wait to hear what it is! Have a fun and relaxing vacation!

  2. Woohoo super mama :P (p.s. It's kind of my secret pleasure to read your blog :P) Pretty inspiring!


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