Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wrapping it up!

Man, I'm hearing crickets and seeing cobwebs up in here... blame the summer time! I've been busy camping, going to at least 2 events every weekend on top of my full time working mom schedule. I'm out and about all the time that I kinda miss just slacking off on the couch, watching HGTV or Food Network.

And with along with my busy schedule, I have been guilty of eating out to lunch most days. Ooopsies... It's quite expensive and with too many choices to make between the food court and restaurants around downtown, it's sooo easy to give in to a big serving of greasy Chinese food or even some good old KFC.

And that is why I was so delighted with my new find! I was walking down College St. in Toronto, (on my way to go to Winners for some lunch time shopping) and this place called Freshii caught my attention. Well, I ended going to lunch there a few days later. Coming in, I noticed a whole bunch of clipboards lined up on the wall going almost up to the ceiling, thinking that it was odd. But I went ahead and ordered the Bangkok Burrito from their burrito menu and man, it was ssssooooo gooooodddd.

Two days later I walked in again and I saw a few people taking clipboards and writing on it. And so, I pretended to ponder the menu to see what they will do with it. Well, turns out, you get a clipboard and a pencil; write your name; write what you want off the menu or custom order a burrito, wrap, soup or bowl. Then, you give it to the person at the end of the line and they make your order. You pay the cashier dude and in a few minutes, they will call name, giving you your yummy lunch, hot and ready to devour.

Why didn't they explain this to me the first time? Lol. I bet they get a lot of deer in the headlights customers like I was. The next time I was in again, I made my first custom wrap order! That was pretty exciting and pretty pricey :( but it was delicious nonetheless. I was hooked with Freshii!!!!

I have been feeling guilty spending money on lunches so this week I tried making my own wrap! This is what I ended up with:

Cajun spice baked chicken strips on a bed of spinach, Alfalfa sprouts, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, jalapeno tofu slices, squirt of honey grainy dijon mustard on a whole wheat tortilla wrap smeared with roasted garlic hummus.

I'm sorry Freshii, my wrap rocked better that yours!!!!!!

And so, I made one for my Hubby as well, for his lunch :)

Now, both our lunches are budget friendly not to mention healthy, delicious and satisfying! But on those days when I don't have my yummy homemade wraps, I bet you'll know where I'll be going to get some lunch grub ;)

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