Thursday, September 23, 2010

I can run... or can I?

Last night, I ran 2.5k after not running for a month. My heart felt like it was coming out of my chest... going faster than I was. I was so out of breath, I couldn't even get deep breaths in no matter how hard I tried. I even got heartburn! Is my heart really that out of shape?

I remember feeling exactly the same when I started training for my first 5k race just a little over  year ago. But I pushed through, and ran my 5k race (and I mean I ran... continuously... with no walking breaks!) just under 35 mins.

It was a really great accomplishment and I was proud of myself for doing it. But now... I feel I let myself down by letting myself go out of shape :( I might be a lot lighter and leaner now than a year ago but I was a lot more physically strong and fit then.

Now, I am in a sort of state of panic. I am running a 5k race again this October and I feel like there is no way I will be ready!

This is a perfect example of procrastination, I tell you.

But I am motivated to get fit by October 17th. I have inspiration. 

This year, I am running in memory of a great friend. He was a close friend of our family, we attended the same church, his daughter and my sis are BFFs and he was my husband's martial arts instructor and coach. He was a God-fearing, loving husband and a wonderful dad of 2 kids. I admired him for being such good shape at his age. He regularly kicked butt at his gym where he trained and mentored a lot of young people to be on top of their game with mixed martial arts, Jiu Jitsu, Muay thai and Yawyan. 

With MMA fighter Jeremy Horn

Sadly, on September 12, 2009, he finally lost the battle with liver cancer. It was only about 3 months before that that he started feeling symptoms and found out about the cancer. So of course, his passing away was a surprise to everyone. But the most amazing thing is that he left with a high spirit. Although he fought his cancer hard, he also didn't waste his time in this world by sharing God's word to everyone he could reach out to. 

Taken July 2009

So on October 17, 2010, I am running in his memory and to raise money for Cancer research benefiting Princess Margaret Hospital. Together with my mom, hubby and our late friend's family, we are making a team to run for this cause.

This is where YOU come in. 
I need YOUR help by clicking on this link. Any amount of contribution is GREATLY, I mean SUPER GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

So if you missed that... here's my fundraising link again...

I thank you from the bottom of my heart in advanced.

And I assure you that I will be training super hard to make that 5K race!

Oh and before I forgot, I need another favor...

Please keep our fundraiser in your prayers, spread the word and also, keep our friend's family in your prayers.

Ok, maybe that was a few more favors... 
so Thank You again :) 
May God Bless you always so you may bless others more.

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