Sunday, November 14, 2010

The fall brought something new...

I love fall... the crisp air is refreshing and the colours of nature just brings me warmth. So I just had to capture it during my neighbourhood walks with my blackberry (My camera is still dead, and I'm too broke to buy a new one).

This was my neighbourhood. Isn't it so pretty even in dark foggy day?

My DD loved it there, we knew pretty much everyone on the street. And she adored all the big kids playing outside wanting to play with them as well.

She also loved the yard. And this time of year, the yard was extra fun with tons of piles of leaves to jump on!

So it was a little bittersweet saying goodbye. Two weeks ago, we were blessed with a home that we can call ours. 

Having the keys in our hands was kinda unbelievable.

I think she really liked it the moment we went in.

And I really don't mind having this kitchen to call my own!

I can't wait to make wonderful healthy meals here! And oh I can't wait to use all my kitchen gadgets again. It was all packed away in the storage unit for more than a year :(

Anyhoo, I still have tons of boxes to unpack and furniture to assemble (yup, we went to Ikea, lol). And I will certainly keep the blog posted when I'm done with the new place.

Thank you Lord for this truly amazing blessing!

My old neighbourhood was certainly quaint and perfect for us. But I'm sure our new one will be a great one for my DD to grow up in. And besides, we still have my parents and my DD's home daycare in the old neighbourhood so we can certainly visit anytime :) 


  1. The house feels so empty every time I come home from work. I'm missing you guys especially my DGD (Darling granddaughter)! But I'm really happy for you that you have your own now. God is so good. He has given you blessings after blessings. Remain faithful in the Lord and continue to grow in His Word. God bless!!!


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