Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Word Wednesdays

I must confess that I get carried away in scripture sometimes. I try to link it to other passages, find deeper meanings. I have always been smart and top 3 of my class so I automatically assume that "I get it".....
But I must confess that my wisdom has been a weakness to me as I have been looking too far beyond the main point and missing the point all together.


In AA we have a slogan called "KISS" 

Keep It Simple Stupid! 

In this point in my life being a Christian is about Life. Not the life on earth but eternal life. Have you felt that evrything this life on earth is absolutly worthless compared to eternal life?

This is very simple but very serious.

I pray,

Forgive me of my sins as they are many. help us forgive others. may His peace, love, grace, and strength be in us as we are weak without Him. May we rely on His wisdom and not our own. May the spirit guide and convict us to walk in eternal life.

Love you in Jesus Christ God bless


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